The first ever easy-install Squarespace template

Chronicle is here.
Squarespace's template are beautiful but painfully limited in variety.
Chronicle is the first of a series of new templates that we've created for Squarespace users.

Chronicle is beautiful, responsive, and allows users to use Squarespace exactly the same as with any of SS's standard template options.

We've thrown some stunning technology into Chronicle: pages fade in as they are scrolled into view; the footer stretches down into view as the user reaches the bottom of the page; the menu has been completely remodeled...
And yet, Chronicle can be installed by copying and pasting 3 blocks of code. It's super simple.
No developer mode needed, in fact, our step-by-step installation guide makes no skill necessary whatsoever.

Take a look at Chronicle – we'd love your feedback on design, style and usability.
Download Chronicle here.

The SquarePlugins team