I absolutely love the plugins from Square Plugins! They are extremely easy to use, and if you ever have a question, their tech support is awesome! Finally, an easy way for someone who is ‘code clueless’ to customize a Squarespace website.
Sarah sba.sg
World record on customer service turn around... Been running my site for over a year and while it’s been successful I’ve been trying to spice it up and came across you all. Really like what I’ve found and how easy it is to use.
Sam craftcarolina.com
The Square Plugins team gave me a quick estimate to complete the job (super reasonable) and quickly went to work. I had my new feature working in days AND they even sent me a custom video walking me through how to add this feature to my pages. That made it super easy and I updated my entire site in less than 20 minutes. I would recommend these guys to anyone - they make your life a breeze when it comes to code!
Samantha snack.is
I’m thoroughly impressed by Square Plugins. They have over 200 Squarespace plugins to date. They even offer a handful of freebies to help bolster your Squarespace website. Not too shabby.
Kaya cmscritic.com
This team is killing it! I’m a user, super-fan, and proud customer. Thanks for the brilliant work @SquarePlugins.
Nic nicdipalma.com
My experience with Square Plugins was fantastic! They made the whole experience seamless - great customer service, great work - their coding was exactly what I requested. Pricing was very fair. I would highly recommend Square Plugins for any coding project.
Dan objecto.com
The code and service was fast and productive! The team was in and out of my site within an hour of access with additional help with some Custom CSS. Works like a charm with some added customality upon request.
Christian bassmechanical.com
Thanks for your help on TasteandTour.co.uk - great feedback on the site and lots of tickets being sold!
Ryan tasteandtour.co.uk
Great results [and]... the support provided by Square Plugins was great.
— Chris stylefactoryproductions.com