Bloggers need more options

Over the past few months, we've spoken to bloggers around the world about what they love and hate about the squarespace platform.
For bloggers', simplicity, as usual, is the main thing Squarespace's platform has going for it.
A significant lack of design options stands against it – heavily.
One blogger in London, UK told us of her desire not to have a blog that looked the same as thousands of bloggers across the States. The reality is, she does. Her titles are unique, her content is unique, but the design is generic.

We've busted out 12 blog summary styles that will help solve the above issue. Now, we know that 12 is no where near enough, and so our designers & coders are working on adding more on a daily basis. Our ambition is such that a blogger will be able to choose from a much greater variety of designs. Diverse messages need diverse styles.